Thursday, April 21, 2011

BKO - Bangkok Knockout

Thank to Cari Malaysia for the special preview passes to the screening of BKO (Bangkok Knockout). Not only it is a premier screening, it was also my first movie at MBO Viva Home, KL
Some brief intro on the place Viva Home and the newly open cinema MBO here. Viva Home officially started its operation on 15 April 2011. Viva home is located along Loke Yew stretch and it was formerly the UE3 building. Viva Home as the name suggested, cater for home living needs. Beside that, it has a hypermaket (Giant) and Cinema (MBO) and not forgetting countless foodcourt / cafe for you to enjoy too. This was my first time catching a movie in MBO and I must say that this cinema here at Viva Home is quite classy. However the seat are kinda slanted and pretty much you have to sit straight and by straight I do mean 90 degree up.
Back to BKO, as the title suggested, this seems to be a fight till the end type of movie, and although the introduction was kinda bored and lame, it does fight all the way till end. Honestly speaking, not only the plot / concept ain't new, the storyline / excuses used for the movie for things to happen is kinda lame and stupid to me. Even though the movie was from Tony Jaa, the Thailand version of Jackie Chan, it is still lack of something in the end, it is lack of actual skill and actual 'flying' scene without rope.
A good fighting movie is not just about who have the best skill or who won the battle, but also where the fight took place. BKO did however introduced few new fight scene, that might look impress on photo / trailer, but when in production, it seems that there are very limited space for creativity.
I don't know if I would recommend this to anyone who ask me to suggest a watchable movie or not but although they may be as good a Tony, it does involves plenty of risk while filming such genre of movie. I think if they have a better plot it would be totally a different story. Not forgetting that there were too many warriors so you don't literary have a spotlight to shine on one particular hero.

Rate: 2/5

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