Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Just came back from yet another Alien invasion movie, all thank to Nuffnang for the invites. Meet quite a number of famous blogger like Shanon Chow (http://www.shannonchow.com/), Jackie Loi (http://www.jackieloi.com/), Joshua Wong (http://tallboyz.blogspot.com/), Jess (http://www.jessying.blogspot.com/), Henry Tan (http://babebaboon.com), Saimatkong (http://blog.saimatkong.com/), and others just to name a few.
Please note that even though this is not your typical scary alien movie, it is neither your kids oriented 'friendly' alien movie too. As the title suggest, the Alien are invading planet earth for some reason and without warning.
They come in various form and destroy almost anything and everything that is living on earth. It was then up to a group of brave marine to decide the fate of mankind after the operation based was totally damaged by these unidentified object.
Storyline wasn't that fresh I must say and the CG wasn't blended in too well if I could critic further, but it was not up to the extend where it look fake, just that there's still plenty of loophole.
The one thing I love best about World Invasion is that the 'never ending' ending part, in other word it would make you feel that's the end, but actually there's more to come, if you get what I mean. Not sure if any girl will dig such movie, but if you are those who enjoy killing zombie in large amount, booming and gunshot here and there, enjoy playing 3rd person army style game, and/or all kind of explosive element, you should be blown away by the extreme action this movie has to offer.
The movie ain't just about alien and fight back, it also come with relationship bonding which in some way spice up the execution. It could be a good movie for you to sit back and relax and not thinking much about what come after.

Rate: 3/5


ken said...

nuffnang got free tixs for this movie? i wasnt aware.. hmm.. nevertheless, the movie trailer seems interesting.. 3/5 means 6/10 - ok la.. must catch it when im free.. i love alien movies. haha, especially the battle ones :P

Fallen Angel said...

Yeap it seems to fit your criteria, and I didn't get the ticket initially from Nuffnang, only manage to get it when there is left over (those who didn't RSVP). Catch it soon and have a nice weekend.

Stephen said...

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