Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toshiba Summer Art Collection 2011

Toshiba has made it again with its official launch of new range of product shortly after the January 2011 product launch (, and this time is introducing the theme Summer

The launch event was held at Doubletree by Hilton at Kuala Lumpur (nearby Ampang Park LRT station) and it was my second time there. It is a classy place and you should totally check it out. Anyway back to the event, here are the line up for the day
Arrived early where the crowd is not there yet, get a chance to mingle around with wonderful people :) I don't know if anyone notice, I'm kinda like shaky the whole time, you know like nervous kind of shake. If anyone of you do notice that, I'm not nervous, just freaking cold and it was like raining too on that time, but still happen to meet Sharon, Kelly, Jess, Joshua Wong, Chloe, Tian Chad, and the rest of the blogger and member from the press. And now show time.

Opening speech and some MC to greet and introduce the launch of the day
Next up some performance to bring the event alive
Then the audiences were introduce to the wide range of high speed notebook at the demo area where tech exhausted geek could probably drool.
Will get into the details of the launched notebook toward the end of the post. Next up a presenter all the way from Singapore, a sweet presenter I must say :)
Though there were some technical issue, one couldn't take his eye off the presenter notebook feature that Toshiba has to offer and here are some key feature just to make you drool as well.
Next up was a painting session, yes first of its kind painting session where 3 member would be in a group and are required to paint creatively on a given board
Meet my teammate Tian Chad and Chloe who is busy at work
This is the winning picture however, it is simple and nice and very well deserving, congrat!
 Follow by the 3 lucky winner from the press, congrat to you guys too :)
Some hot photo of the notebook
and here are the specification

Satellite E300 (click to enlarge)
 Portege R830 Spec (click to enlarge)
 Satellite L740 Spec (click to enlarge)


Chloe said...

yea,notice that day you looks very nervous when enter the hall is more colder because there is air condition room..brrrr haha

Fallen Angel said...

Ouch.. someone did notice after all >.<

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