Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

I will cut the grandma story and straight away get to the point.
Well to be honest, we don't need another 'facebook' don't we?? What I have in mind is an Augmented reality (AR) based GPS for shoppers. Didn't get your attention yet? Ok let's get to the feature and functionality then.

Well the first feature probably suit male shopper / shopper who don't like walking around looking for their designated shop. So what it does is that it will show you the way to any shop you wanted to go in AR / Live view with indicator.

So here's a scenario, assuming I'm at  The Curve South Entrance and I want to goto Esprit directly. The images (you can click on image to enlarge) below will illustrate how it work

Next is the feature where most shopper / bargain hunter would definitely love!!! It will show you which shop is having offer / discount. So now not only you don't have to walk into a shop to find out whether or not it is having discount, you don't even have to walk pass it to get the info.

If you are a shopper (don't care mild or wild shopper) or driver to a shopper, you will then find this handy. The app is intelligent enough to tell the user which road is jam which is not. It would of course recommend path based on user preference. Preference can be combination too like shortest path + avoid toll, jam free + toll, etc..

Last but not least for Maxis subscriber, you will see some additional icon on the discount. This icon is known as the QR Code and it look something like below
So when you see this QR Code on screen, it simply means the shop is offering special offer for Maxis subscriber. It would be anything from extra discount rate to freebies. Is just a way to reward its loyal customer.

I would name my app as "I_Syok" With such a great app, you need a great Wireless Broadband coverage from Maxis to fully benefit what I_Syok have to offer. You can get more detail here
Seriously, Maxis data plan is the next best thing after iPad. Why?
  1. No commitment period
  2. No activation fee crap
  3. Is a plan that is custom made to suits everyone

With such affordable plan, there is no more excuse not to sign up one yourself. Furthermore if I_Syok become reality, you will enjoy special privilege, remember? :p If I_Syok is ever being develop, remember to grab an iPad from any Maxis store.
Maxis contest participant badge

Now that I've shared mine, do you have any idea for iPad app? If you do, please share out and you might just win yourself some handsome reward before CNY 2011. Further details can be found here


Ariff Suffian said...

Go for it man!

Ariff Shah said...

we have this on android. it is called layar.

Dylan Phuah said...

good luck on ur entry.

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