Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pizza Hut's Pizza for just RM1++

In conjunction with the year-end festive season, Maxis is offering its customer custom made top up card that offers more talktime and SMS, as well as exclusive mobile content and offers on pizzas from Pizza Hut
For a talkative or text maniac you, this is why Hot Ticket is for you.
You get MORE WAY MORE than what you paid for. Yes, way more as in double / triple from what you usually get. With every RM10 Hot Ticket topup you get RM31 worth of talktime and SMS, while RM15 Hot Ticket topup you get RM60 woth of talktime and SMS.
Not only that, with every Hot Ticket, you get to enjoy a Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut for just RM1++.. Now what more can you ask for when there is reward after reward.. Personally I'm a prepaid user and I do notice that the normal topup dry up in just a second.. You could really feel the different when you change to Hot Ticket. Imagine 45min vs 150min.. You do the math yourself..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow.. that's a good promotion..

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