Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fair Game by Ocean Potion

Before you start asking me what is Ocean Potion you can actually visit and join their Facebook page here
Ocean Potion offers a wide range of sunblock product that will sure to protect you from not only getting burn under the sun but also protection from harmful spectrum like  UVB & UVA I & UVA II..
The reason why I'm not fair and so dark is partially because of the food that I consumed and another half I never really believe in sunblock product in the first place. You see during childhood I love playing in the water be it swimming pool, lagoon, and any place with water under the bright burning sun.
Even if I apply sunblock cream / gel, I have to admit that I never get the best brand available out there. I just simple grab one that is cheapest possible off the shelves. Isn't that what's matter us most when we have so little to spend and yet so many to buy? So what happen is that even applying the whole bottle of sunblock I still get sunburn at the end of the day which last for weeks..
And feeling "itchy" I love peeling off the dead skin. Not to say that I enjoy the consequences but I love the process of peeling it off. Guess I'm one of those who enjoy now suffer later.. :( Therefore inconjunction with this movie Fair Game, I would love to not only get invited for the premier screening but also the opportunity to get some Ocean Potion to aid and to protect me from getting sunburn ever again.. That would be the best Xmas gift after all since I've been good all year long :) *Puss in boots start*
Anyway here's a trailer of the movie Fair Game which is a movie inspired by a true event.. Can you spot the KL icon from the trailer :p

Can't wait till the movie screening :D

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