Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Due Date

Just came from from GSC 1 Utama for the movie Due Date with Tallboyz, Yih Yann, and @vin_ann, thank to Cari Malaysia for the premier passes
Robert Downey Jr. (you might better known him as Ironman) and Zach Galifianakis play lead roles of this movie which revolves around two most unlikely being to hitch a ride. Starting off with a terrible accident and then ended up together on a 'roadtrip' some 2,000+ miles away.
Find out how each survive others' companionship and what happen when you put 2 different personality into a car.
However their foolishness stops at certain level and I could not get any further laughter out from the inside. I think Dinner for Schmucks however did an outstanding job for the foolish act that tweak every little thing that I least expect.

Due Date can be enjoyable for couples during a movie outing on the weekend but for serious "joker" (laugh seekers) out there, you might make pull some better joke out of thin air, despite the fact that you might also learn a few from the movie itself :p

Rate: 3/5

Christmas is coming, and all the shopping mall has already have the Xmas deco set up. Here's a glance on 1Utama Xmax deco 2010

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