Friday, October 15, 2010

Win Sony Walkman and Passes to the movie Takers!!!

In conjunction with the upcoming movie Takers, Sony Pictures is having a test on its movie's official site where it would determine your role in a team be it Gunman, Smooth Talker, Runner, or the Leader. You can take the test here

Beside taking the test, you could also blog about role you "are" and score yourself a pair of premier passes to the movie on 25th October 2010 at Mid Valley. How cool is that? ^^
According to the test I'm a born Leader, there's no doubt about it! I was born to lead, don't believe me? Well let me share some past record with ya' I'm eldest among my siblings and since young, they have to obey and do things after me, buahahaha. Like if there's new food or drink I'm the one who taste it first before them, if we were to play console game I will be the first to play and be the one to play longer and the list go on *devil* I'm not bully but I just need to guide and make sure things are ok for them to proceed *puppy eye stare*
But despite the fact that leader is the best role you could get in a team and Paul Walker is my favorite star, I still love the role Tip Harris has in the movie Takers which is the sweet talker, you know like you speak against your thought with a hidden purpose.
Sweet talk doesn't means you have to praise and polish one's shoe with the big fat lips..
 It could also be convincing or rather step by step guiding one to follow your order and to give in to what's in your mind. If only I am a sweet talker I would have been retired by now! Sweet talker can be a serious crime and could be a hero too you know depending on which prospect you are looking from.

Who else can take someone's money and yet be thank for doing so by the victim if it was not the sweet talker A.K.A hustle? But hey on the bright side, a sweet talker don't hurt or kill anyone. No blood I swear. Beside money I could easily get laid girlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Anyhow I'm just a sweet talker in the making.. Oh ya did I mentioned that there's more than just movie passes to be given away? Yes there's more, you could blog as creative as you could and be the top 3 to walk away with a goodies bag!! Hell yeah!! If you think your creative juice is not spice up enough fret not cause there will be lucky draw during the screening.. Woot o.0 Surprise after surprise!
But wait, have you started thinking what and how to blog already you evil competitor of mine!! On the bright side I'm a semi sweet talker after all.. XD

Catch the trailer above to hype yourself before the screening too..

For more details about the blog contest, do visit this page

Special thank to Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for not only the screening but also the Sony Walkman the great opportunity :p

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