Thursday, October 14, 2010


What do you get when you put one man into a nailed box buried underground with some not really helpful tools? Awesomeness? Boredness? Well it could be either one, cause you see it is very risky to try something new, it is either hit it or run over it. But anyway I sure do like what I watched moment ago..
Buried is a one man show staring Ryan Reynolds whereby you will only see his face in the entire movie, and the scene is all inside a coffin with of course some tools like the lighter and a cellphone.. How would you escape in such condition with cellphone running out of battery, lighter burning the oxygen you need, and also a limited time before you run out of air too..
There is nothing wrong with the image above, but this is how the movie begin, you see total darkness for more than you could possibly imagine. As soon as Paul (the one and only actor laying in a coffin buried below ground level) wake up, your exploration begins too.. Audiences are guided to look for tools that could aid in getting Paul out of the tiny little box.
When in such situation, all your general knowledge come into picture. You need to know when to save, what to save, and how to save. But that's not all, getting buried alive has given Paul a very very bad day indeed, but there's more than just that. Find out what other challenge Paul gets during his process of getting help.
There were also accident which of course worsen things for Paul, pity him. Go watch to find out what happen too. I can't really write more about the movie as it all contains spoiler. But I'm gonna be honest with you, Buried is a like it or hate it movie, I don't think there will be a ok or so-so comment.. Perhaps the reason I enjoy it was because I do love game that requires me to explore around, looking for items and solution, games like Monkey Island and etc.. So don't blame me if you felt asleep during the movie :p

Rate: 3.5/5


k0k s3n w4i said...

hey, i loved buried too. the twist at the end was really something. total punch in the gut.

you're right. the movie does resemble point and click adventure games. i'm partial to grim fandango myself.

Fallen Angel said...

Yeap but not many would appreciate such show.. My GF doesn't enjoy it anyhow :( Im playing mystique the child on android now :D

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