Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Is been a while since I last watch movie at GSC Tropicana City
The drawback here is that the cinema hall is kinda small and be warned if you ever planned to watch a movie here, get the back seat possible, fifth row onward some people may find it kinda near to the screen already, and this I'm referring to small hall.

Marmaduke is the latest movie I catch to-date. There's nothing much about the storyline nor the jokes, everything is at a peaceful pace thus I don't know what to write about too :p What an excuse to shorten my blog post..

Perhaps animal lover would enjoy it much more than me as the 2 person sitting beside me was so excited while watching it and they particularly laugh on almost every funny scene. Or maybe I was hoping for something more than the same concept and idea over and over again in such genre.

One thing for sure, the animation part was terrific, it was so real as if the animal could really talk, or was it really they are "talking" with very well trained movement gesture??

Rating: 1.5/5

Can't wait to catch

Karate Kid

Toy Story 3 in 3D

The A-Team

These movie I've secure my premier passes.. Hope I can still score some other premier passes to other movie.. Greedy me :p

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fndrocka said...


confirm tak pergi..lagipun tak suka cerita binatang2 ni

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