Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

Flying high above is always a luxury experience, even now with stiff competition from the flight industry, flying may be cheaper as compare to last time, but it doesn't mean that we are not flying in luxury or in style. We still do you see, with MAS golden lounge, not only we can afford it, we are pampered by it to be honest.

If you have not been to the golden lounge like I do, then perhaps you might have been to GSC Premier or Gold Class or Cathay Platinum Class movie screening.. The golden lounge is something similar to that, you get to eat and enjoy a variety of food, massage, mingle abit, and even shower o.0 in simpler word you will be treated like King & Queen..

Talking about food, I always love eating few thousand meters above land.. The experience is so unforgettable, how nice if I could owe a plane and I would definitely dine above land everyday lol.. The food that I crave most on flights is...... *drum roll*****************

Yeap that it is, a warm and thick creamy mushroom soup served fresh.. It would be like having steamboat in Cameron or Genting.

What's yours then? What would you like to have on flight? Do share

Oh ya before I forget here's a few more recent episode of Project Alpha Season 2.. Kinda sad it is coming to an end soon.. But hey you can always catch the replay on Astro every week..

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!

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