Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The A-Team

The theme for movie industry this seems seems to be either eye popping 3D effect, novel/comic/game to movie conversion, and last but not least remake / oldies which is exactly the movie I watched and enjoyed yesterday night - The A-Team
 The title itself is already good enough to spark my childhood memories (if you didn't know The A-Team is a famous series back in the early 80s) and to top things up, I get to watch it in my fav cinema - Cathay!

Never really know what happen in A-Team when I was still a kid, all that I know is these few fellas running and shooting at each others in a van.
Enough praising and start blogging.. The movie have a pretty catchy introduction, very nice indeed.. Through out the movie, it was all about funny-action.. They put a smile on audience despite being in a high speed chase and etc..

Explosion, shooting, speeding are all part of the movie, and the best part is about master minding and vengeance.. Find out how they could fall prey and be victimized for gold..

The movie was kinda lengthy thought, but never did it snore the audience.. For 80s babies I'm sure it is a good show to catch, for those that is born in the 90s onward, if you think this is an 'uncle show', think again.. It is more mind blowing than your ordinary action movie..

Rating: 4/5

If I direct translate from mandarin, this is a die also must watch movie :D

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Jeremy said...

this movie is awesome .......5/5...WARNING ACTION OVERLOADED!!!

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