Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The legend is born: Ip Man

You have seen Ip Man and Ip Man 2 in the past, the question is will you watch The Legeng is Born: Ip Man as well??
Just reach home from a tiring premier screening of this movie from GSC Tropicana City Mall.. First and foremost the movie feature quite a number of familiar faces, if not popular cast.. We have Sammo Hung, we have the little kid from Stephen Chow's CJ7 and the list goes on.. Also feature quite a number of the cast from Ip Man 2 if I'm not mistaken..

This movie, as the title suggest, is a story about Ip Man from young till teenage time, it showcase his life, how he get involves in Ip Man, how he modify Weng Chun, how he ended up being a hero, a legend..

Will I watch this movie? Yes I will cause I would like to know what happen beforehand and will I watch again?? With all respect to our legend, is a nope.. Probably is because of the lead actor, we are so used to Donnie and now this Donnie look-alike just doesn't sound like him..

However it is still a good to catch movie over the weekend..

Rating: 3/5


jfook said...

I so gonna watch this...

Mr Lonely said...

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