Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knight and day

Just came back from premier screening of Knight and Day from GSC 1Utama
All I can say is this, from the trailer you want so wanna know what they are trying to protect.. But once into the movie, once they mentioned that what they are protecting., basically there's where you put a full stop to the show..

Personally I feels that the way the movie is executed is kinda weird, and hey they used shortcut too.. Shortcut like given in such critical and thrilling situation, it would be good to let the audience witness how they manage to slip their way out rather than just.... (contain spoiler, go watch if you are still interested)

Rating: 2/5

However there's a Jai Ho Flash Mob that happen just right before the redemption start and here it is.. Pardon me for the poor quality and annoying-crazily loud music as I was standing just right beside the speaker..


Lee Theng said...

agree, the movie was a letdown. Rate : 1/10

Fallen Angel said...

Glad that I'm not the only one think so ^^

Amirah bte. Norjali said...

ohh.. just thinking to watch this movie..

Jeremy said...

this movie sucks.....really(2/10)....better off with Toy Story 3.....best animation of my lifetime......9/10

Fallen Angel said...

@amirah you might wanna think again..

@jeremy true, in fact toy story is a movie I might watch twice.. ^^

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