Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is what I won

So back to the earlier post on Guess What I've Won.. What was your thought? Anyway here's what I ACTUALLY won... *drum roll*

Let's just unbox it first shall we??

Fresh from box..

Still fresh but out from box

This is what I actually won.. A canon ixus shaped thumb drive.. :p

Me too wanted it to be a real camera but I have to be satisfy with what I'm capable of winning.. I won it from their Facebook site and for those who guess that I won a camera stay tune, I really did but not this one.. Do come back to check on what other stuff I've won..


Yih Yann said...

It's so cute le...bring next Tues let me see ya...

kenwooi said...

wow so cool.. haha.. at first i thought i's a camera =P

Fallen Angel said...

@Yih Yann: Yeap cute indeed, but there is another one, better and cooler but didn't manage to win that

@kenwooi: Well guess you are not the only one.. check out my new entry on other prizes too :p

ainhamzah said...

it tot its a camera..
seriously, super duper cute!

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