Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gadget that I won.. Wanna guess?

Lol.. Well some of you might have been bored with my guessing game.. So I guess I will jut have to post the image directly

On one fine weekend morning I was woken up by the sound of a honking bike that stop right in front of my house.. It seems that there's a parcel for me..
Signed and received.. A package from China.. Wonder what's in it

Didn't plan to open it up initially cause I love to keep surprise for as long as it could.. But GF wanna know what's inside, so here we go..
Do you see what I see? Apple o.0
It is really an Apple product, and it is iPod Shuffle.. OMG thank to whoever it is..
Okay, it is from Ultimate-Contest, a lucky draw that I joined in facebook some time back wonder if they are still running.. Cause the last time I check they last update their wall was on December 2009

However if you are interested in such lucky draw contest, you can try this it have greater prize too..

All the best to my reader and hope that you will gain something from reading my blog too as I would be throwing in tips and hints time to time..


Miss Izah Mohamed said...

waaaahhhhh........ :)

kenwooi said...

wow cool win things.. i suck at winning =P

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