Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haunted Room

When was the last time the hype of fear is been circulated among you and your friend that lasted for like say hmm.. a few months?
So today I will try to revive that hype for you
Nah just kidding, this movie is about yet another Thai horror movie titled: Haunted Room: Who R U
Seriously, when was the last time we saw a real horror movie? Remember back then where Japan horror movie make it to the news like almost everyday for over a month during 'The Ring' era? It was so scary that you will feel chill in your spine. Later on there were plenty of similar title / genre coming out one after another and they were merely just an 'horrify art'. Same fate for Thai horror film, it has been very well known that 'The Shuttle' is very frightening that leaves a fear in every audience mind. But sadly enough this titled did too but in the opposite manner.

I don't know how to describe how it is not frightening nor how terrible it is, but one thing for sure, if you are in for something that appear or look scary you are in for disappointment. The story wise is also kinda puzzling as it jump from scene to scene, but I guess they did that because they want you to sit till the end of the movie.

Long story short, I shall reward anyone who can catch the movie more than once :p Anyway 1/5 is kinda generous to it. After all we horror fans still hope that one day they come out with something new, something with a twist, or at least something spooky.

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