Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Under the Mountain

Suppose to watch Remember Me but went over to GSC Mid Valley to catch Under the Mountain instead. Thank to my movie kaki for the invites..

The overall story can be told in one sentence as follow
"A young twins have to believe in each other to gain power to save the world"

Simple as that,but the movie was not executed in an enjoyable way. You see there aren't much of magic around if you are looking forward to it and then the scene to scene play was like erm, how do I say it, very 'forceful'. You know if like you don't know what to show in between the scene and you decided to cut it off and call it art that kind of force, if you get what I mean.

To me the movie somehow look like Ironman + The Human Torch from Fantastic Four.
It started quite spooky when it all begin but as they discover along, there goes the spookiness too, and audience is set to bored till end..

 Would rate it at 2/5 for saving planet earth, otherwise I wouldn't have future movie to watch already.

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