Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

My more memorable date night was when I'm in a courtship. We started off as friend (who doesn't right?), and she slowly caught my attention during movie outing. Then the feeling turned stronger and thus I wanted to see her every night. So what I do is I have to think and come out with an excuse to date her out.

So there is this one fine day where I dated her out for dinner. Since both of us is indecisive on what to have, and she is feeling sad (apparently her hamster got eaten by a cat back at her hometown), I decided to do something special, a 'candle light' dinner.

But it is not any ordinary candle light you used to see! I first go order her favorite food and then I find one safe space which is not too bright nor too dark and there we go placing the food on the public table. I then took out my cellphone and play a soft song (being someone who loves rock, it is lucky that I have a soft playing song in such impromptu situation), and I set it to be always on for the LED. I then slot my phone in between the table gap so that my cellphone stand, and since my phone is LED is something near to orange color, hence it look and feels like a candle light :p


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