Monday, March 22, 2010

Learn to say I LOVE YOU

Well saying I Love You to your partner (BF/GF) seems easy but what about our parents and grandparents? It seems that everyone including me having hard time to show and express our love to those who love us more than anything else on earth. All we ever did was to take things for granted. We hate it when they nag, we run away from home after a heated argument over a small matter, and plenty more..

Watch this clip (sorry you have to understand mandarin to understand the clip) and I bet you will at minimal drop few tears, if not cry. Though it may seems very china like quality, it is all very true.

Part 1

Part 2

One key point that carved deeply into my bone is that when you blame and wish that your parent is rich so that you can have a luxury life, your parent too wish that you are top student in school so that they can be proud of you!!

I Love You daddy, mummy!

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