Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Zone

Guess I was that lucky to win premier pass to the movie Green Zone as I submitted my entry yesterday itself and got a call to congrat me thereafter..
The movie is set in Iraqi whereby a team of US army was sent there to look for mass destructive weapon which is believe to be hidden somewhere in the desert. Little did they know, someone has been trying to sabotage their mission and cover-up some of the truth.
You will feel dizzy especially at the very beginning of the movie due to the very, I repeat, VERY shaky shooting style.. It is not the cloverfied / quarantine / blair witch project / panaromal activity style of shooting but still it will me you wish you could puke at where you are seated..

The story too was kinda draggy and long winded before the interesting part came in.. Matt Damon or not 2/5 is the max I can rate for my humble review..

1 comment:

kenwooi said...

matt damon! cool!

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