Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Thank to GSC Facebook for the ticket to catch Alice in Wonderland on weekend, yay seldom have free ticket to catch movie on the weekend, which is why I've slowly falling in love with weekdays especially Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, cause that's when the premier screening will be. Gonna catch Green Zone tonight, Remember Me tomorrow, and Edge of Darkness / Under the Mountain on Wednesday..

Note that this is not a sequel to the very first Alice in Wonderland, it is a remake version of it instead. Too bad I didn't get to explore wonderland in 3D, I'm sure it will be fun doing so. If you have the chance, why not try it?

Everything in this movie was just nice, the pace, the character build up, the graphic, and stuff like that, there were awesome.. Someone told me the graphic is not as nice or as real as Avatar, couldn't agree more, they are more 'cartoonist' because wonderland are all about imagination and this is what the whole movie is about, imaginary world, or was it another world?

If given the chance to watch it again, I will attend without hesitation provided it is in 3D format.. The plot of it I guess most (if not every) of us know what happen next. My advice is why not bring an empty memory in while watching this movie and you will be filled with surprise..

Despite mix response toward the movie, I still think 4/5 star is all I can rate this movie, and oh ya the other mark maybe because I didn't catch it in 3D.


kenwooi said...

wish i can watch it soon =)

jfook said...

I watched already. :) Nice.

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