Saturday, January 2, 2010

Your contribution is much appreciated

No it is not about the money, I need some contribution in terms of article/picture/snapshot and etc..

You see I started this blog which is suppose to be a collection of privilege or special promotion/discount for birthday peep so that everyone get to enjoy these benefit at least once a year right?

Some sample of the treats are
- GSC giving out free movie for birthday boy and girl during their birthday month.

- Wong Kok giving out free mega huge cup of ice milk tea for birthday boy and girl who dine there.

I started it somewhere back in mid 2009 but has then been stop for a while till now, so it is time to make it back to live.

For those who wish to contribute can directly email to me at s w s p m [@] y a h o o [.] c o m
You may wanna use the following format





[Attacth Image]

Thank you very much for your effort and time.

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