Friday, January 1, 2010

Suddenly there are plenty of Internet Gurus

Well I don't know if it is just me, but I tend to notice a trend that many people on the Internet (including Nuffnang innit), and all they did was to give free tutorial / lesson where one can increase traffic of their blog.

No doubt that
  1. Everyone wish to have more traffic to aid their ads
  2. These "guidelines" attract more visitor
  3. Last but most important of all - Everyone is eying on money
So why teach for free I ask? and so I dig a little bit further on these entry which claim to be able to help increase traffic on your blog and here are my finding..

It seems that there are site which claim to be able to redirect traffic to your site, how? Well first you will have to join as a member. To join, some you will have to pay and some are free, but regardless of which one it is you are required to view (or at least click) some featured/sponsor/affiliated site and wait for a certain amount of time before you proceed. And oh ya, there will be a few of them too..

Once you have done all those, you are not done yet.. You will be given a task now, great a task huh.. Well now you will have to promote / recruit few people to join under you before they could list you as one of their affiliated member..

No wonder everyone is starting a thread on topic like "way to increase traffic on your blog" and etc.. If you don't believe me, just take note on some of the link provided in these website, there will be a referral link and it could come in many form, some example are
These are jut a few sample and there are more alternate format too..

Do take note if you are still planning to go ahead with these offers as these are considered illegal and against the T&C of any advertising network

There is one Nuffnang blogger who asked the admin regarding this issue and the reply was simple, it is against their rules and is considered as a fraud, in a simpler word it is cheating and making the system to think that it have high traffic and thus ads appear here would cost more whether it is CPC or CPM.. Legal action will be taken against such blog, and the worse part is not by deducting some earning from your account, instead you might risk getting your account banned.

If you wanna earn more from blogging, there are several ways too and one of it is thru advertorial, and the great news is I have an offer for you guys, read more on my previous entry

Well it is 2010 already, and will gonna have my very first movie marathon in a while more
  1. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
  2. Bandslam
What a way to kick start the year..

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