Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Raging Phoenix

I have once posted the trailer for this movie here ( So wanted to watch this movie since then and to my least expectation, I won premier passes to the movie from My FM.

Watch the trailer and then only continue to read on..

Ok the story is about a gang which kidnap girls and force them into prostitution, and apparently they only kidnap specific kind of girl, those who are special and to save herself Deu (JeeJa Yanin) is trained and armed with dance + martial art and also to be able to save others, right? Wrong..

The true story is about a gang named Jaguar which kidnap girls regardless of rich or poor. Why? Read on to find out..

Deu has a screwed up life, and never success in any relationship, while playing in a club with her band she stumble upon her BF with another girl hugging and kissing, argument assured and ended up being dump by her band too.. and so she drank and drank.. This is where she was kidnap, but managed to escape out of the van.. Because she is so drunk she couldn't run far but was saved by Senim.

Upon waking up, she found herself with Senim, Dog Shit, Pig Shit in a hut where the kidnapper came back for revenge.. Fight is assured too..

There after she wanted to learn the martial art that the gang was equipped with..

Once mastering the skill she went off to rescue those girl who was kidnapped alone.. Yea alone..

Soon pig and dog was killed in their hut and there was this masked guy there.. so again they fight.. Deu was badly defeated but not killed nor kidnap.. Actually it was a setup of her group member because they thought that she was not tough enough, they have been tracing her following her and silently training her. The masked man was actually bullshit, yea bullshit.. So the reason they kidnap girls regardless of rich or poor is because they uses their tears to produce some sort of perfume..

Then together they use Deu as bait to find out Jaguar's hideout.. After a long search, they found it and there was this drunken master there, yea, drunken my foot.. Then there was this women K1 champion I think and only fight scene with her is the best among the movie.. She have several wrestling move I must say and she can even deliver the "Canadian Destroyer".. If you don't know what is a canadian destroyer view the video below

Well the story line was lame, lame enough to disappoint me.. The fight scene was ok but could be better still, the whole plot was boring, and the character development was too nagging..

If you combine the highlighted word in bold you get
Lame, could be better still, boring, nagging
Need not further put it in rating..

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