Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin

Last night I went to the premier screening of Ninja Assassin at GSC Mid Valley, one of the place that I don't really like but heck it was one of the movie that I wanted to watch, and so I was there to collect the passes.. It has been long since I last receive a nicely printed passes like this one, and is excited about it too..

You see, why the poster doesn't show the full image of Rain is because he had a terrible hairdo in the movie, and they've decided that that is the best for him..

Ok cut the crap short.. Raizo (staring Rain) was raise from an orphanage house (it was called Ozunu Clan) which was claimed to be kidnapping young kids and train them to be assassin.. True enough they were assign to multiple assassination job when they grew up and it was all the "big brother" job to be exact..

Back to the clan, they were forceful with no mercy even though they were still kids, training were harsh and blood is a promise in every battle simulation.. Once mistake is done, suffer is assured.. There were flesh cutting, stomach "fingering", canning till bleed, and plenty more.. Raizo then was haunted by merciless execution of his best friend (I don't know if it is counted as girlfriend), and he escape the clan.. Raizo was then treated as betrayal and was wanted by the clan..

Raizo too stop some assassination by interrupting them while they were on an assignment.. That was how Raizo stumble upon Mika in Berlin and he wanted to use Mika to get him to the clan and kill everyone there.. Some struggle and tweak on the middle of the movie and there he was back in the clan again and time for some blood party.. I guess guys will enjoy the part where limbs were chopped off where girls will enjoy the part where Rain is topless.. Lol

The killing korean pop artist

Ninja Assassin doesn't seems to meet my expectation (or what viewer have been expecting from the trailer).. And therefore I would say it is just 2.5/5 for the movie..

Ninja Assassin somehow make me feels that I'm watching horror (ghost) movie because of the way they sneak into places and the way they whisper, isn't that a firm scene in every horror movie? Lol..

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