Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ninja amazed me

Ninja distributed by RAM Entertainment Malaysia was release here in Malaysia by mid Oct 2009..

..and surprisingly it is still on major cinema till today.. What surprise me most is not because of the duration of its screening period but it seems that everytime I wanted to watch this movie with the in season pass that I won, it is full or almost full hall.. Perhaps people mistakenly thought that Ninja is Ninja Assassin? Well at least that was what I've been told from a few friends who was disappointed and claimed that they got conned.. You see Ninja Assassin will only be release this week 26 Nov 2009, so peeps prepare your cash and ready for its release this time.. for real..

Ninja has quite a typical storyline, it tells about a ninja training center that pick up orphans and train them in preserving the art of ninja.. So they have this ancient box where all the most powerful and deadly ninja weapon is stored.. It is pretty much predictable at this point of time that the box is gonna be the aim of someone from the center itself and also someone else will have to prevent it from losing into the hand of evil too..

Still I think it could be rated as 2/5 for the muscular and nicely shaped body and the coolness of the ninja attire..

Will be heading for Ninja Assassin tonight..

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