Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Perfect Getaway Aftermatch

Staring Milla Jovovich
Dunno who is Milla Jovovich?

Still don't know? She is the one from Resident Evil..

Anyway the movie A Perfect Getaway start off by showing a newly wed couple that is being film on tape. This couple is now on their way to their honeymoon on some island with awesome scenery. Throughout the journey they meet 2 other couple who is also on vacation. There was however a murder case happen there just the day before. The first couple was suspicious and the second couple seems to be on the good side. After leaving the 1st couple behind only they found out that the 2nd couple have some gruesome and crazy experience, now they started to think if it was them who did it.. But SPOILER here, the true criminal was the so called newly wed couple from the very first moment, they actually killed the actual couple, and pretended to be them.
Kinda confusing? That's why you need to catch it yourself. But there are many scene which doesn't really connect well when I recall back and there are still plenty of room for improvement.

I can only give them 2 1/2 annual leave out of 5

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