Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Say You're Only Young Once

That's the tagline for the movie 17 Again staring the girl killer Zac Efron.

Thank to Justin, I manage to catch the movie as he have extra passes for us. Well as the trailer said, the movie is about turning back young, maintaining current taught and thinking, living in present, thus giving you a brand new aspect of what's happening among the younger generation. It is all about fixing up messed situation and getting back to the correct path. That's just the summarize and you should go catch it up on the big screen.

Another point to take note is that the movie feature Michelle Trachtenberg who happen to have a canine teeth. From the first look I guessed that she have a canine teeth but couldn't assure till I finally saw it.

Michelle in the movie..Love her punk style too..

Well the movie get me thinking, if I happen to live young again, will I ever make the same decision? The one and only Beautiful Mistake that I make before? Yes I will, because life is all about learning and climbing up, after all despite the pain, I gain happiness too. I never regret any moment and cherish every minute sincerely.

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