Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Penelope Suck

Just came back from The Brothers Bloom premier screening and I have to say this Penelope Suck!!

What this actually means is that there is a character named Penelope, and this Penelope doesn't seems to give me a good impression.

There is another movie titled Penelope itself and it is plain bored too..

Well back to The Brothers Bloom, the movie is all about con job, swindle, and con among the con. Maybe I was expecting too much, but seriously, for those who are planning to go for the movie, take my advice, come to my house, bring a 10GB HDD / thumbdrive, I copy some real con clips for you, named The Real Hustle.Here's some preview

Talking about scam there is a scam featured in The Real Hustle several rounds and today the exact same scam was pull out in Malaysia and was on The Star front page, it is known as Black Money or also Nigerian 419 scam

You can read more about the scam here
Black Money Scam

Sorry I couldn't find the video of Real Hustle demonstrating the con..

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