Friday, June 19, 2009

New Collection

It have been a while since I last update, went to minimal of 6 movies in the past week namely:
1) Blood: The Last Vampire
2) State of Play
3) Drag Me to Hell
4) Hanna Montana
5) The Last House on The Left
6) Dance Subaru

Well that is what I can remember, if I didn't left out any and quite surprising I kinda enjoy watching Hanna Montana, and even loving some of it OST too. Currently am playing the climb again and again.

Here is the Music Video: Miley Cyrus - The Climb

Apart from that I received a mail early this week posted to my house and it seems that the contest that I would back in March has finally arrived. For once I thought it was fake but well here they are.
Well Transformer: Revenge of The Fallen is just few days ahead and I'm still in a mix mood. I've participated in all the contest that I can find / stumble and so far not getting any good news yet. Only manage to get 1 invitation pass so far and I need additional 1 more to watch with my sweetheart :(
Anyone kind enough to give me any extra / unwanted invitation? :p

Well as expected the season pass was f**king awesome.. You don't need any further word from me. Just take a look at the images below

Well there are still few other contest from different organizer that I've participated, hope I can win at least 2 pass to go catch the premier screening. If successful I don't mind passing this to anyone who is interested to catch the MOST anticipated movie of the year. The screening of this would be held at Cathay Cineplex where it is equipped with cool sound system that will bring any movie to live.

Do wish me luck. Pray hard that I can watch it with someone special.

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A hunter wanna-be, a comper in the making said...

Congrats on winning the GSC comp passes. They'd be very handy!

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