Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Up One Down

Darn, couldn't get to watch transformer premier screening so I pass the invitation card to Justin instead.
Anyway I'm so tune into the heat of Transformer already as I have plenty of stuff related to it to post in this entry.

First off I have 3 huge poster given by Chloe and Jerry (thank) as below
Optimus Prime - Very pale color.. not feeling well huh?
Ironhide - I love this much more than Optimus
Bumblebee - I love this most.. with striking color and battle mask.. cool
the 3 autobots together
the 3 autobots together right behind my drum. Now I have more reason to glue my butt on the throne.

Next up, Justin return me the cool invitation passes as promised and instead of 1 pass I receive the following:
some advertisement brochure from Don't Panic, lets have a look inside the package
:$ seems to be packed with plenty irrelevance stuff.. and mostly are visit singapore brochure. It contain a mouse pad, a transformer car sticker, a mobile phone screen cleaner, a balloon o.0, and tons of singapore brochure.

I also receive 3 additional invitation card
Thank dude for the extra. Something good for collector like me :)

Now come the online booking part.

Darn GSC the website has been down for the past 2 days and still finding difficulties to access. Lucky I still manage to get these
10x Ticket to the Movie Transformer this coming Sunday @ Tropicana City GSC.. Alright..
Among those invited are:
- Chloe Ham
- Jerry Ting
- Ah Bing
- Belle Ham
- Xin Ke
- Fu Ling
- Carmen
- Bao Bao
- Nini Ong
- and myself

Since it have promotion during it new opening I get another voucher. So ended up like receiving freebies on freebies

On a side note.. I won 17 Again OST and movie passes too

Well now am counting down to Sunday for the show..

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