Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation, what more can I say? Not wanting to be a big spoiler so wouldn't write much about the movie. Thus I strongly feels that Marcus is the lead actor instead than John Conner. Arnold appear in the movie too as a nude muscular terminator.

As expected this movie is filled with all-rounds-of-explosive-shooting-running-chasing-bombing and lets not forget screaming. Yea.. screaming
"If we stay on course, we are all dead.. WE ARE ALL DEAD!!!!!"

One good thing is that the movie is screen at Cathay Cineplex. The only cinema with awesome sound system that is so loud that by the end of the show, you ear is already
Here are some of the merchandise I get from Nuffnang, Cathay, and Rexona


ewin said...

wahhhhhhh, merchandiseeee!

Fallen Angel said...

yeap.. regret did not take the terminator book.. is so freaking thick and don't know what's in it..

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