Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have you McValue LUNCHTM-ed this week?

Do you believe that every digit represent an "icon"? No? Guess what 619 and 316 represent?
This is 619

and this is 316

Still don't get it? Perhaps wrestling fans will but never mind because this entry is not about that..

Well what is the first thing that strike your mind when people said 595? Clue?
Introducing 595... (drum roll)
and also 595 on the 'move'

Just came back from Kluang with Suk Lian (thank for the ride) and that we are both hungry after few hours of driving, and so we decided to go for lunch, a place where it is cooling (with air condition) and value for money. After a long thought every single meal cost around RM6-10 minimum in PJ.

How much does a char-kuey-teow + 1 can of 'refill-less' coke cost you in hawker stall?



So total up on average is RM6.. so why pay the same amount for normal food and get yourself seated in an oven like area that melt you down while you eat?
*Note: I'm not making up the figure, you can check with foodcourt like ss2, ming tin, everyday, asia cafe and etc..

I saw this that made up my mind.
Oops wrong photo.. I mean this

Decided to have our McValue LUNCHTM-ed at Seksyen 14 since I miss that place..As we walk toward McDonald's location on the very corner of the shoplot, I spotted these on the floor..
I picked it up look around, and nobody around, also no sign of people looking for it, also no sign of prank show too. So we decided to upgrade from 595 to 795 set.

Yea, never know it is so rewarding to have McValue Lunch @ McDonald's. As expected there are a long queue of people rushing to get their share of superb-duper-damn-wtf-omg value for money lunch set.
But the staff there are responsive, they manage to kill the queue almost instantly and it was my turn already. Ordered 2 set of Spicy Chicken McDelux
Suk Lian with her thumbs up signature pose..
A cool cup of coke mix with salt, see all those gas on top? Yea that's what you get when you mix em both, it will make the gas away.. muahahahaha..
Fries with pepper..
Again the signature thumb but this time with the main course.. Miss Spicy McChicken
We Everyone there had had their McValue Lunch this week, have you?
I can assure you that not only it is value for money, it is filling too, and most important of all it is satisfaction guaranteed.

To find out more you can head to - for the contest - official site

I'm glad that I made a WISE choice by suggesting and going to McDonald's to have our share of McValue Lunch. It has been so rewarding for the whole day.

So remember when you see the combination of 595 and 795 it purely means


Sean Lon said...

cool! yeah, indeed value ! rm 5! haha. all the best!

yy said...

Good article to share~
support to Mcd...hehe~~
I'm lovin it~~~

sinmei said...

wao...advertising for mcd...
Mcd, balabababa...
i'm lovin it.....

milonise said...

oh yeah,...
My favorite ^^
Only RM 5.95..keke~
I'm lovin it~

sy said...

RM5.95 lunch set~
good news for mcd fans like me~

~=StuPid LonElY JoANne=~ said...

haha..don know what to say..

Jay Vern said...

seriously.... u make me feel hungry....
u make me feel like running out and grab a spicy chicken....
auw... and the coke...
and the fries and...
double cheese burger
and mc chicken
and mc nugget
and chicken foldover
and mc flurry.
arg... damn i'm hungry -.-"

y1ng7 said...

MCD rock~~~
l'm loving it~

joan said...

McValue 5.95 lunch set...
best price,
best environment,
best food,
best service,
best choice....

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