Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ong Bak 2

Starring Tony Jaa is the new movie titled Ong Bak 2.. Went to the special screening last night and gosh.. meet quite a number of people there.. but would just cut the crap and proceed with the movie..

The story of this movie is about ..... wait after watching it I still couldn't get what the movie is trying to convey. I find that there are many scene that is not necessary as it doesnt relate bad to any part of the story in the movie. If you ask me how nice is this movie then I would have to give a comparison to Ip Man.

Ip ManOng Bak 2
Short fighting sceneLong and nice fighting scene. Except that Tony is given too many weapon to fight with. Should have fight with bare hand instead
Storyline was ok and understandableStory line suck
Everything was connected perfectlyQuite a number of unrelated scene. Seems to be promoting Thai traditional culture

The whole movie, I'm just waiting for the fighting part as most of time, the english subtitle were overlap with malay wording.. wtf.. _)(*&^%$#@!

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