Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Chinese New Year (CNY in short) or Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is often called the Lunar New Year, especially by people in mainland China and Taiwan. The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first month (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th; this day is called Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year's Eve is known as Chúxī. It literally means "Year-pass Eve".

Traditionally, I'm suppose to clean up the room, make some decoration all over the house, help preparing food and cookies for the guest, so on and so forth. Surprisingly I did none. Not only I didn't nothing but I went to the shopping mall countless time and few countable K session at Greenbox and Redbox. =.=" what an "arse" I am, but heck I'm lovin it.

By the way, anyone try this before? Roti Tisu Anaconda?

Reunion Night
As usual, there is this offering to those in my family that we treasure most that is no longer with us before the reunion start. Nothing much except that seeing my grandma able to walk again makes me feels happier that night.
Late that night went to another singing session with my bro JJ and Orange from 12 till 4am. We left the place last because orange suggested that we pick the 12min++ song from Leo Ku and we actually started to get tired and sore throat after 30 min it started.

Chinese New Year - Day 1
Headed to Port Dickson (PD) located in Negeri Sembilan where by grandma (mother side) live to pay them and my relative a visit. As expected there is another round of good food in PD.

My elder and younger cousin.
There are plenty more nice food but couldn't manage to snap it because there is this culture there, if you are slow nothing left on the table for you.. So instead of snapping I busy snatching food :p

To sum things up, the starting of 2009 it seems to have quite a number of sad case happen, stuff like accident, hospitalize, loved one pass away, uncollected debts, argument, and break in o.0.. Just hope after all these, things start to shape up.

Chap Goh Mei is coming, and it is known as Chinese Valentine Day too. It is also when young unmarried women gather to toss tangerines into the sea, in a hope that their future spouse will pick it up – a custom that originated in Penang, Malaysia.

So anyone is heading over to Taman Jaya / KL for the celebration? Heard it will be so happening that DJ will be there and there will be "boom box" to make the night too..

Whatever it is do take good care of yourself, love and respect yourself and don't be a fool like the girl in the following audio clip. Listen to the conversation between the girl and 2 Hong Kong DJ

HKRadiostation.wma -

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