Tuesday, January 13, 2009

F9U Proton

Was lazy and busy to make update recently due to my schedule by attending Microsoft SQL Server 2005 course and working at the same time. Man I have to admit it is suffocating, while you are trying to absorb as much knowledge as you could, you keep getting call here and there and thus interrupted your concentration, resulting not able to cope on the later part of the class.

To top things up, I've spend more than a thousand repairing our lousy national car, named PROTON. Yea, this post is for PROTON, F9U.

Case after case, first the tyre, then compressor, follow by radiation, now timing belt. Gosh I think even BM...X is much reliable than PROTON.

To make things worse, Chinese New Year falls on January this year and I can't go on any shopping spree due to very very freaking tight budget. Able to survive and advance to the following month is still a question mark on my head now.

What a year to start the year 2009.

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