Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spoiled with choice

Receive two invitation to two different movie, and when it comes to movie, I love watching all of them if possible. First off receive a call from fly fm telling that I have won passes to the movie The Day Earth Stood Still, and then follow by another call from youthsays for the movie Bolt 3D, yea with the glasses.

Wish I could still somehow get invitation for the movie

So in the end decided to head for Bolt 3D screening in TGV KLCC

Anything below this line contain spoiler to the movie.

Bolt is a hollywood dog with the mission to protect his owner, Penny who wants to save her dad from the green eye man. Bolt is brought up thinking that he have super powers but upon leaving his comfort zone only he realize that he is just like any other dog. The journey begin when he decided to go back to look for Penny which he initially though was kidnap by the green eye man.

Well the movie isn't what I've expected, maybe I was expecting too much or it was overrated. But somehow watching it with 3D glasses make it look cool. As if everything is floating out of the screen and it is a great experience watching it in 3D.

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