Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yay... Orange came back

Chen How A.K.A Orange, one of my best pal came back from Singapore on Saturday afternoon. As promise I head over to Sunway Pyramid to fetch him upon arrival and gosh, not only he is getting Moh Hen Sem, but also you can feel the wealthy wind when he walk pass you. Envy dude.. T_T

Then fetch him home at Puchong and he insist that he wants to drive since he have not have the chance to touch the steering in Singapore. As usual, when orange is back he will make a call to one of our ffk bro Mr Lim Jung Jeng to ask if he is free. He was "suppose" to go office when I ask him whether or not he wants to follow me to fetch orange but.. disappointment la dude..

Time really flies, and when night falls Orange came pick me up before picking up his gf. After a long, in-depth consideration, we decided to have our dinner at Ajisen Ramen.

I can't recall what orange and gf ordered as they are all in some wonderful japanese name but I ordered this

Hot Plate Chicken Ramen

Then for side order orange order this tempura thingy


and it wouldn't be consider as Japanese cuisine if we don't order this

Green Tea

One stupid thing about the meal is that the cup doesn't have any handle and the tea is freaking hot, how am one suppose to drink when is in need? =.="
Apart from that everything was unexpectedly nice, the ramen, the tempura, the environment, and the best is that Orange treated me and gf to the meal.. Thank bro.. Really appreciate that as that was the only meal I had for the whole day. How could I not post a picture of this Hen Sem bro of mine..

Have a save journey back on Monday. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

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