Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Screw you streamyx

Yeah, screw you streamyx for the following items
1. On time billing
2. Delay services
3. Congested network
4. Long waiting queue on customer care line
5. Ask me to repeat the same troubleshooting method again and again
6. Opening report and no followup job
7. Each customer helpdesk representative have their own said
8. Expensive package
9. Sending none experience technician over to troubleshoot
10. Monopolized market

Because of you
I have to make my house phone engage in order to get connected to the internet
Because of you
I couldn't use my house phone
Because of you
I get scolded by my granny because she couldn't receive any incoming call
Because of you
I lived in a stone age century and am obsoleted with the outside world
Because of you
I was admitted with blood pressure by getting often frustration
Because of you
I am ranting here
Because of you
We unite

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