Sunday, November 16, 2008

Movie merchandise

Spent the whole weekend cleaning up my room just to prepare for xmas. Yea I know it is still a month ahead but if I don't do so now, I will not do it later either..

I stumble upon all these little collection of my and wow never thought that I have collected such amount of 'merchandise'. As a frequent movie goer, it is still not any huge amount but I believe one day I would need a shelve for it. Here are some pictures of premier screening invitation card
Here are some beautiful designed card
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Sherk 3
Kung Fu Panda

Some movie merchandise
Ratatouille sticker book
30 days of night & game plan water bottle

While packing back I saw this
an encrypted message by _____... Those were the happy moment.. and trust me, memory haunt!

*Edited: Some people ask me why all these while I never celebrate but so sudden? Been living for 25 years now, and so far there are two special xmas for me, one is back in 2006 where I went to the ship with orange and his gf and eventually became their light bulb.. sorry man and thank for the companionship that time. The recent special xmas would be this year, why? how? Will post it tomorrow.

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