Thursday, March 13, 2008

Search and Earn BIG [UPDATE]

In my previous post about Search and Earn BIG I've receive quite some question from readers out there. So today I'm gonna answer those common question I received so far.

Can I search with chinese character?
No! Not for time being. Currently they support only Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and
Spanish. So when you input some chinese character as search key, all you get is some weird wording in return.

However refer to the following news China is coming

So guess it is a good news after all after all by the time china is implemented, we can search by chinese keyword.

So I can use it with any browser?
Apparently you can only use it with IE7 and above or Firefox.
Download Firefox now!

Do I get commission by referring friend?
Yes and No. You earn from the profite mysearchfunds earned.
  1. You earn 50% of total search revenue
  2. You earn 10% of total revenue mysearchfunds earn from your direct friend
  3. You earn 5% of total revenue mysearchfunds earn from your direct friend's friend
  4. You earn 2.5% of total revenue mysearchfunds earn from your direct friend's friend's friend
Confused? Well just look at the following chart then

How do I get paid?
2 possible ways, Paypal and Cheque

Can I really earn and get paid?
How much you can earn depending on your searches per day. You can use the calculator provided to compute your earning.

I've been credited with my earning (as well as my group earning) into my account.

Your earning will be credited into your account a day after your searches. So for those who just join, fear not.

How do I request for a payout?
You don't have to. Payment will be made to you after each month end. One cons about this is that it required around 45 days to reach you. Well you are not depending on this to survive aren't you? For me I'm ok with it as long as it really pay and doesn't give empty promises like others or worse scam.

That's all for now.

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