Monday, March 10, 2008

Search and Earn BIG

Ever ask yourself how does a free web browser (eg: Firefox) earn million dollars? Well the answer is simple, every search a Firefox user made, is every dollar Firefox earn. Well I'm not going to go in depth on that, but instead I have similar tools for you to start earning like Firefox did.

My Search Funds will pay you for every search you make. With Mozilla Firefox installed, you can just install the extra search engine toolbar to start your search from there. Isn't that wonderful? I mean who doesn't use the search feature to seek around the Internet or to find useful information? Why not get paid for doing what you have been doing for ages?

To spice things up, you too get a share from the profit margin when your friend (those that you recruit) did a search using the toolbar!

Wait wait wait.. Before you hit the "X" close button, just give me 1 minute to summarize it up for you

Why should I use the toolbar?
- Earn extra side income. You will never know when you hit BIG!
- Is FREE to join. No cost no shit no nothing..
- EASY to install & use. Guide provided.
- Detail EARNING report provided
- Payout via Paypal or Bank Transfer
- 4 Level revenue PROFIT SHARING

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