Sunday, May 8, 2016

Judi Judi King Boss

Attended a press conference of Judi Judi King Boss where my friend Al-Chan who is a one of the lead actor in the movie. Judi Judi King Boss evolved around 2 buddy where they wanted to earn extra money and ended up operating an illegal gamble hut with the money loaned to them from Ah Boon's girlfriend.

What set this locally made movie apart from others is not just Malaysia's multiracial comedy movie, but also the first move in Malaysia that include 6 dialect namely Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Hokkien, Punjabi, Mandarin, and English.
The movie consist of multiracial new and established talent as will be open "gambling hub" will be open for business in cinema near you this 12 May 2016. Do drop by and give the team and Julian Cheah a support as this would definitely inspire them for more movie where we Malaysian could relate to and hopefully soon be proud of.
As one of the partner to Judi Judi King Boss, anyone with a valid movie stub to the movie is entitled to a 30% off from Pak John Steamboat & BBQ from the day the movie release till end of May 2016. It can be movie stub from any cinema across the nation and you'll be in for a savory treat.

Lastly but not least, do check out the trailer

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