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Epic Fit Meals Co - Healthily Priced, Deliciously Fit

With more and more health concerned restaurant mushrooming throughout the country, they are often very pricey or blunt in terms of taste. That's going to change with the existent of Epic Fit Meals Co.
Comfortably situated in Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana, Epic Fit Meals Co is a delivery concept healthy restaurant which explain the limited seats for dine in. For time being Epic Fit Meals Co. delivery to a limited venue in order to fulfill the 30-45 minutes delivery time range.

Whether is a dine in, take out, or delivery you are assured that they will taste the same in every aspect from presentation, to texture, and also taste profile. That is made possible thank to their very proprietary delivery bag that keep the food warm and fresh within the desire time frame.
Coming back to the food part, Epic Fit Meals Co is an Melbourne inspired meal where their focus is not just serving priced right healthy food, but also to change the mindset on healthy food translate into tasteless / artificial meal.
Everything that is serves in Epic Fit Meals Co are made fresh and not using canned / bottled that kind of nonsense. Everything right down from the sauces all the way to the final meal and presentation are freshly made, daily!
Aqua Mello Smoothie [61kcal] - RM8.80
Classic Trifecta 
[78kcal] - RM7.80
Coolie Beauty 
[41kcal] - RM7.80
Red Apple Honey Smoothie 
[79kcal] - RM8.80 
These drink are without a doubt, freshly made at their kitchen daily and taste great even without artificial sweetness. They are very "fibre-rish" where you will get all the pulp in it. Personally tried Coolie Beauty and Red Apple Honey Smoothie and wouldn't mind going for another Red Apple Honey Smoothie.
Irish Colconnon [122 kcal] - RM4.80
Spiced Baked Wedges [132 kcal] - RM4.80
Frugertii [98 kcal] - RM5.80
Farmer's Coleslaw [33 kcal] - RM4.80
Epic's Cauli-Rice [134 kcal] - RM5.80
Crunchy/Fire Chookie [233 kcal] - RM5.80
Mashed Sweet Potatoes [271 kcal] - RM5.80
Let's begin with the side dish, you could order it as ala carte (price shown is ala carte) or in a set. With current 14 side dish to choose from, there's sure something that suits you and your taste bud. This is where you could dine satisfactory minus the guilt becasue not only their sauce and condiment are freshly home made, their 'fried' stuff are actually baked instead. Personally love their Fire Chookie, Spiced Baked Wedges, Frrugertii, and Irish Colconnon.
Sam's Hawaiian Luau [509kcal] -RM19.80 
Pollo Supremo [565 kcal] - RM19.80
Tricolour Margarita [380kcal] - RM17.80
Oz's Beef Delight [567 kcal] - RM19.80
Nasi Lemak Pizza [591kcal] - RM19.80 
Shrimy Affair [489kcal] - RM19.80 
3A: Apple, Ayam & Api [546kcal] - RM19.80 
Next up Epic's Pizza range, and many would have associate vege to a hearty and healthy pizza, no? Well fret not cause their pizza taste really good and they remain the main component of a pizza while substituting others like sauces and topping with a lower calories, preserving that taste and texture you desired. All pizza serves in a thin crust base that is crispy at the edge and is thick enough to hold the ingredient without breaking off.

While I love all their pizza, I have to particularly highlight their Nasi Lemak Pizza and 3A Pizza. Nasi Lemak Pizza actually doesn't consist of "fatty rice" where we usually have, is just the condiment of a nasi lemak is ported over to a thin crush pizza base. They are aromatically good and taste really really unique especially if you love anchovy. 3A pizza on the other hand deliver this sweet, savoury, spicy to your taste bud, giving you that explosive satisfaction with just one bite.
OZ's Barbie-Q [91kcal]
Apple Salsa [25kcal]
Curry Grande [241kcal]
Bonza Peppa [96kcal]
Fire S.O.S [61 kcal]
Eziki [70 kcal]
Epic's signature meal would have to be their chicken series, you can opt for Epic Grilled Chicken [217kcal] at RM12.80 or Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnizel at RM13.80 with a topping of your choice.

  • OZ's Barbie-Q - a medium thick tomato-based sauce with chopped onions & spices.
  • Curry Grande - Epic's wholesome Japanese chicken curry made with fresh vegetables and their secret blend of spice & herbs.
  • Bonza Peppa - Epic's popular & aromatic sauce made from rich, fresh chicken broth & freshly cracked black peppercorn
  • Apple Salsa - a combination of freshly chopped apples, tomatoes, onions & chilies
  • Fire S.O.S - Epic's naughty versio nof the sambal, a quintessential Malaysian condiment. Flagrant, spicy and sweet.
  • Eziki - An incredibly appetising and delicious Greek tzatziki sauce made from blending yogurt, cucumbers, vinegar, dill, lemon and garlic.
Oz's Barbie-Q, Fire S.O.S and Curry Grande are my favourite among others. Though the chicken serves are chicken breast meat, they are marinated with Epic's secret mix of ingredients and then flame grilled / oven baked till perfection, preserving the moist and tenderness of the meat. 
While others are cashing in with your health, Epic Fit Meals Co is striving to make healthy food affordable, but also making them scrumptious, using only finest ingredient and no overnight nonsense. The next time you're about to go healthy, think of Epic Fit Meals Co, you'll never go wrong with them.

* Delivery are free of charge with a minimum amount of RM20 purchase and area covered are as follow
  • Damansara Perdana
  • Mutiara Damansara
  • Taman Tun Dr Ismail
  • Bandar Utama
  • Damansara Kim
  • Tropicana*
  • Kota Damansara*
Limited areas in Kota Damansara and Tropicana

Do note that products used here such as chicken and beef are Halal-certified, Epic Fit Meals Co is pork-free and no added alcohol, and is Muslim friendly.


Miriam Goh said...

Wow this looks really good. Love the concept of knowing how many calories are in the food. I should drop by and check them out


Fallen Angel said...

Yeah you should Miriam, their aim in to change the mindset of people thinking healthy food taste bad / healthy equal to vege only and be amazed with what they served. Thank for dropping by =)

simplyremedies said...

Those look delicious. At least more choices for pizza and i bet they taste superb. Thanks for sharing.

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