Monday, March 23, 2015

Croissant Delicatessen

Croissant Delicatessen serves scrumptious sandwiches with croissant as its base in disguise. Situated in Hartamas Shopping Centre, the month old Croissant Delicatessen is pretty hard to locate (at least for me) especially if you're not familiar with the mall.
The shoplot is about half the size from the others, so seats are pretty limited inside the airconditioned compound, but is still capable to host approx 10-12pax simultaneously. To begin with this is not just another sandwich shop, it is a croissant sandwich as its name suggested and with the aim to satisfy your craving without hurting your wallet.
Green Tea Latte - RM9
I shall begin with its beverages first. The Green Tea Latte uses premium matcha powder to produce and it wasn't overly sweet compare to other which I had tried, and this cup of latte isn't the milky type. With strong aromatic green tea, accompanied with the powdery texture, I can have a few cups of this anytime.
Cappucino - RM10
Cappucino on the other hand was good but not the best I had yet. It was aromatically soothing to the throat and was definitely a great cup to go along whether with your scrumptious meal or over a table talk.

Next up the Croissant Sandwich, where you don't really get to pick what you want in your sandwich but instead you can choose from 4 types of flavour croissant namely Classic, Garlic, Pumpkin and Wasabi to go along with your set of sandwich. In my personal opinion, wasabi sounds like a interesting mixture but it tasted near to classic without very mild presence of wasabi. On the other hand, I do LOVE the garlic flavoured croissant for its strong garlic fragrant along with crispy crust yet soft and fluffy croissant. Here are the few variant of sandwich offered by Croissant Delicatessen.
Pumpkin, Mushroom & Ham - Rm13.80

Turkey Ham, Broccoli & Cheese - RM14.80

Garlic & Basil Chicken - Rm16.80

Grilled German Bratwurst - Rm15.80

Supreme Egg Mayo with Smoked Salmon - Rm13.80

Mixed Berries Croissant - RM14.80
My Favorites
Garlic & Basil Chicken - It was utterly appetizing for me with the strong presence of garlic and basil, well coated around tender chicken patty. It was flavourful in the mouth with every bite and look like one heck of healthy and hearty meal to me.

Grilled German Bratwurst - You can't go wrong with a perfectly grilled juicy sausage. If you're not a olive fans do opt out the olive for maximum enjoyment.

Outstanding Croissant
It has to be the Mixed Berries Croissant. This is a sweet variant of the old and boring croissant combination that not just only is visually vivid, it is also packed with explosive taste in it. It is filled with not-clongy-whipped-cream-that-make-you-want-more and fresh cut of berries, served along side with premium chocolate that definitely sweeten the deal after your meal.

Overall the croissant here are made fresh with no nonsense added into it, so be sure to consume it while it is 'hot' / fresh. Each set of sandwich are carefully experimented to give a balance in its taste profile and is sure to open up your appetite with just a bite.

Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours
10 am - 10 pm Daily

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