Sunday, January 4, 2015

So you thought Sepang Circuit is only about F1?

Opened on March 9, 1999, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is recognized as the state of the art F1 race track, but little did you know, SIC offers beyond just track to the F1. Read on to find out more.
Since the officiate by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, SIC had received numerous awards and records and still increasing over the years.
Beside automobile races like F1, Motor GP, national race and other sort of automobile related event, SIC actually is the perfect venue for other event. Situated about 85km from the heart of KL, SIC is an ideal venue for world class international concert, luxury wedding venue, corporate team building base, and the long list continues.
I was fortunate enough to experience the complete race cycle behind-the-scene style together with few other bloggers. SIC offer facilities like Track Rental, Welcome Centre, Perdana Suite, Paddock Chalet, Paddock Club, Corporate Suites, Support Paddock, Roof Top, Helipad, Media Centre, Mall Area, SIC Commercial Park. Do check out the full details here
If you thought what you see is amazing, wait till you find out what's behind the scene. The race control room is where full focus and concentration is and it is highly equipped with tech that you and I might not even knew it exist. The restricted area is where they foresee any races during any given time.
The time keeper room is where you see more technical hardware are located. Each car will be installed with one of the time / lap tracking device where data is automatically and immediately transmitted to the server one it drove through the starting line.
Let's not forget about the world class media centre with 430 seats of workstations equipped with power and internet sockets, television, and mini stage. FYI, the media centre was once world largest media centre until China came out with twice the size. Still this is a hub where you see journalist (nationally and internationally) gather around providing updates live to you back at home.
During my tour there I saw some wedding photoshoot that was so breathe taking and is beyond word could explain. Too bad there wasn't anyone doing so on the tour, hence you have to take my word, the sunset shoot was astonishing. So for those who is looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, you should seriously consider having your photo taken here in SIC.
For automobile exhausted the end doesn't stop when the race end, there is a merchandise shop where you can kill your lust by purchasing your fav team clothing item, and there is also a museum opposite it, best part of all, entrance is free.
For more details about SIC do visit and keep in mind, Sepang Circuit is not just a race track, it is all your entertainment needs.

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