Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tiger Radler - Double Refreshment

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's what we have been told all this while but what happen when you give Tiger Beer, World's number 1 International Asian Beer? For the first time ever I can finally break free from lemonade and enjoy an awesome new drink from Tiger Beer with its launch of Tiger Radler at KL Live on 6th December 2013 where more than 500 attendees from media, blogger, to even fans crowded the place eager to try out the all new Tiger Radler. Guest we assured to be entertained by comedians, live band performance and DJ to further boost the Double Refreshment kick.
What's better way to treat yourself to a hearty dinner after work and after the tension to fight through the massive KL jam with a bottle (or two or three) of double refreshing Tiger Radler? Tiger Radler carry mild sweetness as well as very mild sourness in it with almost non-existence alcoholic smell properly overpower by the refreshing lemon scent.  

Some of you might be wondering what is Tiger Radler since I kept mentioning how refreshing it is. Well it is a combination of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice which created an easy to drink sensation . The refreshing taste of Tiger Radler is something I really enjoy having along over a great meal and with companion from friends and family. 
Tiger Radler consist of 2% alcohol which blend well with the fresh lemon juice. It will be a perfect beverage for nearly any drinking occasion with friends and family. Now you don't have to worry about drinking too much and everyone can share a perfect moment over Tiger Radler. So glad that Malaysia and Singapore will be the first 2 Asia country to try it out and the European market was massive over Tiger Radler just few months back.

To find out more about Tiger Radler do like their fan page for not just updates but also invites and giveaway in near future.

You too can search for #mytigerradler #mydoublerefreshment to get instant live updates on social platform

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