Monday, September 2, 2013

798 Shabu-Shabu Sunway Pyramid

Is been a while since I last join Foodirector hangout session and it is good to know that they are expanding and had more new faces within the community. It was yet another great hangout session on Mederka day itself, enjoying a pot of hot and sizzling steamboat in a rainy afternoon at 798 Shabu-Shabu.
798 Shabu-Shabu is strategically situated at the end of Orange Atrium in Sunway Pyramid. Despite having a strong competition just right opposite Sunway Pyramid (or better known as Sunway Mentari), 798 Shabu-Shabu have no issue attract returning customer day and night over its specialty. Among the attraction is that they offer

  • 7 different type of meat slice
  • 9 different type of home cook soup base
  • 8 different type of mix and match sauces / condiment 

Among the 7 types of meat slices were
  • Beef Slices
  • Chicken Slices
  • Pork Slices
  • Dory Fish Slices
  • Lamb Slices
  • Abalone Slices
  • Venison Slices

As for the 9 types soup were
  • Bah Kut Teh Soup - Only available on Monday
  • Spicy Soup - Only available on Tuesday
  • Kimchi Soup - Only available on Wednesday
  • Miso Soup - Only available on Thursday
  • Winter Melon Soup - Only available on Friday
  • "Mystery" - Available on Saturday / Sunday
  • Pork Bone Clear Soup - Available everyday
  • Tom Yam Soup - Available everyday
  • Pepper Soup - Available everyday
  • Herbal Soup - Available everyday
According to the supervisor, the 2 most requested soup were Pork Bone Clear Soup and Herbal Soup among the other 2 that is available everyday. I'm pretty sure the daily special soup would be a preferred choice on that particular day.
Lastly the 8 types of sauces were
  • Spicy & Sour Sauce
  • Thai '2S' Sauce
  • Bean Curd Sauce
  • Dark Soy Sauce
  • Peanut Sesame Sauce
  • Chili Oil Sauce
  • Green Spicy Sauce
  • 798 Suki Sauce
Also presence were a wide variety of other steamboat ingredient that you will usually see in a steamboat buffet outlet. Every ingredient including the meat slices served here were no doubt fresh and flavorful. An unofficial count there were an approximately 56 types of ingredient to choose from. 
Beverage wise there were Lemon Tea, Lime Juice, Water Chestnut Herbal Tea and 'Luo Han Guo' Herbal Tea. The beverages were just plain normal and nothing to hype about but personally I enjoyed their Water Chestnut Herbal Tea for its mild sweetness and yet there were strong presence of water chestnut aroma. The Lime Juice were pretty unique too and weren't too sour nor overly sweet to my liking. Others were pretty diluted to my preference.
Desert wise there were assorted fruits and one DIY ice cream making machine just right beside the beverage area. It come in 3 flavor namely Vanilla, Chocolate, and mixture of both Vanilla with Chocolate. There were also a small amount of topping available like Chocolate Chips, Corn Flakes, Coco Crunch and Crushed Nuts. There were also ice cream cone available shall you prefer that. I find the ice cream were slightly plain in flavor and pretty diluted which I'm still perfectly fine with it. What make it a turn down is the loosely texture of the ice cream and it melt rather quick compare to other creamier ice cream.
Overall the ingredient and meat slice were very fresh and had a strong flavor to it. If there's one thing to improve it would have to be its broth. The broth were very light in taste even after adding in several type of ingredient into it. Sadly my herbal soup doesn't really have the aromatic of herbs. I did try on the Pork Bone Clear Soup and true enough, it taste just like clear soup.
The meat slices were pretty good and fresh. Each slice weren't overly thick nor thin and is just the perfect thickness that provide tenderness to it and yet chewing friendly to the mouth. Dory slice was so fresh that you don't have to worry about the 'fishy' smell. I too enjoyed the cheese ingredient that come within the 'fishball' category where every bite to it release a flow of melted cheese, adding extra flavor to the chewing experience. Out of the array of noodle, I personally love the spicy noodle. It was also my first time trying out spicy noodle. To my surprise the noodle itself has a minor tickling kick to the taste bud but doesn't carry on to the throat while swallowing it. The noodle too had a fine and thin texture and is definitely worth having more than just one.
Charges wise was rather reasonable considering the fact that it is a dining restaurant within Sunway Pyramid / Shopping Mall. Other reason why it is worth paying has to be the freshness of the food and the comfy dining area.

Charges are as follow
  • RM29.80++ / person
  • RM39.80++ / person
  • FOC for children below 90cm / 7 years old
  • 50% off for Senior Citizen & Children between 90-140cm or 12 years old and below
Oasis Boulevard, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 P.J Petaling Jaya, 

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Tel: 03-56322798
HP: 016-4149900


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