Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Purge

Is been a while I last get an invite from ChurpChurp to #churpremiere screening and was once again united with the movie titled The Purge at GSC Mid Valley.
The story is about a country legalizing all criminal activity once a year, in what they believe would aid in the economic and reducing jobless from the street. On other perspective it is also eliminating the weaker soul resulting in population control and other so called 'issue'. The annual activity forced some to stay home equipped with all sort of security measurement they could afford while some team up acting as the 'justice league'.
The plot evolves around a family who's sole provider happen to be selling top notch security system prior to The Purge. From its trailer you would also see that the son of this sales person open up the door allowing a stranger into their home and later found out that the person he rescued was wanted by a group of hunter.
This is the the fun part came in, it give you that ultimate situation whether one would save their family or risk it all for a stranger. The thrill is there but it wasn't as I would have expected but surprisingly I find myself cling through out the screen time though the introduction scene were plain bored.
There were plenty loophole in The Purge but I personally think it actually had a bigger opportunity to strike further, perhaps it needed a stronger and better storyline. Though the reason all the murdering and hunting were pretty weak, it was still pretty enjoyable without asking why and how. I think the poster do look more horrify than the actual movie itself and it does look promising to attract horror lover.

Rate: 2.5/5

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